Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live Blog (Part 4)- Season One: Episode Three- "Fun Town"

          With only a few minutes remaining in the episode, the drama has picked up substantially. The daughter revealed to SAMCRO that her assailant was....the clown from the dunk tank! I have to admit that I did not see that one coming, although I'm assuming that 30 seconds that SAMCRO dunked his head under water will probably pale in comparsion to what they (or the victim's father) will do to him. As the episode continues, SAMCRO heads out to the carnival where they are confronted by the carnival workers, who are cooperating with the SAMCRO "investigation." In case you were also wondering, a brawl between a biker gang and carnival workers is about as entertaining as you can imagine. Also as you would probably assume, the biker gang won the fight pretty handily and left the workers bloodied and battered at the carnival grounds.  Maybe it might be time for them to consider a new profession?

        SAMCRO kidnaps the clown (who thankfully is not dressed in his costume) and delivers him to the father of his victim. The father is holding a tool that is used for "removing testicles from farm animals." I'm not an expert, but that has to be the most painful form of torture for a man, right? If it isn't, please I don't even want to know what else is out there that could be worse then "removing testicles." Moving on, the father is holding that device and staring right into the eyes of the person that raped his daughter. What is he going to do? Is he going to use the device to remove the testicles? Is he just going to stab him with the device? Is he going to punch him? Once again--- what would you do?? Well......the father did nothing. He just dropped the device and is walking away. I'm honestly in a state of shock. On one hand, I have to respect the restraint that the man had. He was someone with dignity, honesty, respect and wealth before the incident with his daughter occurred. Clearly, he did not want to lose all that or he just did not have it inside of himself to seek revenge the way he wanted to originally- through violence. This shows the discrepancy between this father and SAMCRO. SAMCRO participates in violent actions and illegal activities on the daily without as much as batting an eyelash. However, a father literally experiences one of the worst things that a father possibly could, and THAT does not even push him to those extrememes that SAMCRO embodies. I have to admit- I don't think I would have showed that same amount of restraint if I was a father in that situation. Hopefully I- or none of you- will have to be.

       Further encompassing the difference between the father and SAMCRO, Clay just picked up the device to remove animal testicles that the father dropped when he walked away. And guess what--- he just used it. The camera shows the excruitating pain on the face of the rapist and the screams that accompany it, before flashing down to the ground where we actually see the testicles. Clay had no issue with picking up where the father left off, and finishing the job that the father could not. I actually am happy that the rapist got what he deserved, especially for such a horrific crime. However, I am also wondering if there is a boundary that can stop SAMCRO from getting what they want- whatever that may be. I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

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