Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun Facts- Sons of Anarchy

John Teller (w/Gemma)
- The original title of Sons of Anarchy was Forever Sam Crow.

- John Teller and "Piney Winston" co-founded SAMCRO in 1967 following their return from the Vietnam War where both men served as paratroopers.

- The first chapter was called "Redwood" because they weren't settled in any one city, but rather cruised the Northern California coast which is referred to as "redwood" country.

- The chapter settled in Charming after Gemma (John's wife at the time) became pregnant with her first son, Jackson. Charming is the town where Gemma grew up.

- John Teller did not think that Charming was an intimdiating chapter name, so he called the chapter the Redwood Originals, hence the SAMCRO handle.

First 9

- Six of the "First 9" members were veterans. There is a separate patch for all members that are part of the "First 9", which Piney and Clay wear in Season One.

- All club members wear vests known as "kuttes", which are jackets with the sleeves cut off.

-  The SOA patch on the back of the kuttes is a Grim Reaper holding a crystal ball with the anarchy "A," and wielding the Reaper's traditional scythe, the handle of which has been replaced by the M16 rifle that the club's founders wielded in Vietnam.

- The "Men of Mayhem" patch on the kuttes is worn by club members who have spilled blood on the club's behalf.

- Members of SAMCRO paint their bikes black and most sport drag bar style handlebars.

- Prospects are not permitted to paint their bikes black until they get "patched in" and officially join the club.

- There are parallel's betweens Sons of Anarchy and Shakespeare's play Hamlet. According to Director Kurt Sutter, "I don't want to overplay that but it's there. It was Jax's father who started the club, so he's the ghost in the action. You wonder what he would have made of the way it turned out. It's not a version of Hamlet but it's definitely influenced by it."

- Speaking of Kurt Sutter, he not only directs the show but also acts as a very important Otto, the SAMCRO remember currently in jail.

Kurt Sutter as "Otto"

Kurt Sutter as.....Kurt Sutter