Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live Blog (Part 1)- Season One: Episode Three- "Fun Town"

        This week I'm going to do a special post for all of the Sons of Anarchy fans who have been visiting the blog over the past few weeks. I'm live blogging the next episode in the series- "Fun Town"- to allow all readers to witness my emotions, reactions and feelings towards the episode in real time. Let's get started!

        The episode opens with SAMCRO visiting a carnival. The dominance that SAMCRO has in the town is immediately shown by the way they act while visiting the carnival. In a place typically associated with children and having fun, Gema and Clay are discussing ways they can "interact" in the Fun House. Remind me to never go into a Fun House again. On second thought, remind me to never go to the carnival again, especially if they look like they one in this episode with decrepit rides and creepy carnies. Moving on, Jax tries his luck at the carnival games by trying to throw a ball and hit a target to knock a clown into the dunk tank. The clown- in an attempt to raise tempers and also cash income- is mocking all those that try and dunk him including Jax. Apparently joining a biker gang and bearing feared, revered or loathed by an entire city is not enough of a self-confidence boost for Jax. After the clown mocks him, Jax and SAMCRO run up to the dunk tank and manually push the button to dunk the clown, while also holding his head under water for an extended period of time. On one hand, I feel for this clown simply trying to earn a living. But then another part of me remembered that clowns creeeeeeeeep me out, so that feeling of remorse is gone. Nevertheless, the lesson as always- don't cross SAMCRO regardless of whether you are involved in a gang war or an innocent bystander working at a country fair.

        The tone of the episode has just quickly changed. A few scenes ago, Jax and Clay ran into a family with a young (probably 12 or 13 year old) daughter. Without learning a great deal of background information, it is clear that the father has worked with SAMCRO or had some prior dealings with them. The girl asks if she can ride one of the rides, and Jax gives her carnival tickets so that she does not have to worry about paying. As the girl heads off by herself, the men stand around and chat. It is clear that the father is an honest and hardworking individual who does not cross into illegal businesses, despite his affiliation and knowledge of Clay, Jax, and the rest of SAMCRO. This is an interesting turn of events, since it seems as though this man and Sheriff Hale as the only two people in Charming who may not be corrupt!

Moving on, I mentioned that the tone of the episode has changed. From the fun-loving family environment of a carnival, the cameras shift to a scene with the daughter in the woods and unconscious with her pants pulled down. The shift in tone, as well as the changing music, signifies how seriously the mood of the episode is about to change. Obviously the implication here is that the daughter was raped, which now completely changes the dynamic of the episode.

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