Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Live Blog (Part 3)- Season One: Episode Three- "Fun Town"

        The direction of the episode is now changing to "who can find out who is responsible for the sexual assault." There are a couple interesting things that are happening right now that we have not seen in previous episodes. For one, SAMCRO is showing compassion and care for the members of the Charming community and the family affected by this instance. The previous two episodes have shown SAMCRO as seemingly only caring about automatic weapons, their warehouses, or their control over the law enforcement to assist their agenda. However, this episode showcases SAMCRO as trying to protect the community. Clay mentions "this stuff does not happen in our town" and the feeling is showcased that SAMCRO does in fact view Charming as a "home" instead of simply a location that houses their illegal operations. I'm not saying that their logic if noble, especially considering they are hunting a potential rapist so that another person can get revenge, but the overlying tone of this episode is providing viewers an inside into the fatherly persona that SAMCRO is trying to portray in the town. The other interesting aspect in this episode is that for the first time there seems to be a unified front throughout Charming in the sense that everyone is looking for potential suspects. With that said, Hale and SAMCRO may both be looking for the same person, but they are obviously approaching the situation different. Hale is hoping to bring the rapist in for questioning and allow the law to handle the case, whereas SAMCRO would like to take the law into their own hands. Two different tactics with the hope of coming to the same result- catching the man responsible for raping a little girl.

      A few minutes ago, Gemma approached the mother of the rape victim. The mother has previously not allowed anyone (including law enforcement) to speak with her daughter, citing the emotional damage that had been done to her and the fact that she "doesn't remember anything that happened". However, Gemma deduces that the daughter does remember the incident, and that the mother is simply trying to keep her away from anyone else so she does not have to relive the situation occasion. This is an interesting development right now. What would you do? On one hand, there is a mother who is trying to protect her daughter by lying on her behalf. On the other hand, by lying the mother is pretty much stalling any investigation (both by police and SAMCRO) and thus limiting the opportunity to catch the rapist. My first reaction is to be upset at the mother- why would you keep the police from doing their job? Don't you want to find who did this? But then again- the mother clearly wants her daughter to not have to relive such a traumatic experience. Can you blame her?

       This has been a great episode to live blog, because of the fact that it does not simply address a topic such as gang warfare, illegal smuggling, drugs, etc like the previous episodes. It is tugging at my heart because of the subject matter and the fact that the victim is not someone who participates in any of the activities that SAMCRO does. The victim is not someone that I can just say "oh well...she deserved it when she got into this line of work."

The emotion and developments just lead me to say- I hope they catch this person!

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