Monday, April 29, 2013

Season One: Episode 11- "Capybara"

What is a "capybara" and how does it fit into Sons of Anarchy? It's not a SAMCRO term, not a gang term and not even related to Harley Davidsons in any way. In fact, a capybara is the world's largest rodent. This episode combats the trust and loyalty themes that have been prevelant throughout previous episodes, when it is revealed that a "rat" may be within the SAMCRO ranks. After Otto's physical assault on Stahl, the government is now firmly on the tails of SAMCRO and arrests Bobby for the murder of Brennan Hefner (the port worker who Bobby and Opie were sent to murder on behalf of the Irish). The government claims tha they have an "eye witness" who can place Bobby at the scene of the murder. This is one of the first times that you can see the seams start to become unwound with the club. Some of the members of SAMCRO- such as Tig- immediately start pointing fingers. They are trusting the word of a government agent instead of trusting their "brothers" that they have been with for years.What they don't know is that the government DOES have an eye-witness........but it's not a member of the club.

Tig points his finger directly at Opie as the "rat" who got Bobby arrested. Tig reasons that the only members present at the shooting were Bobby, Opie and Jax and that Jax would not put his club in jeopardy as the Vice President.  Additionally, Opie was not able to pull the trigger and murder Hefner and he did not show up to the clubhouse that morning when Bobby was arrested. Viewers find out that Opie and his family was picked up by the governement that morning and were placed in "protective custody." Stahl is framing Opie by paying off his debts and making it appear as if he had struck a deal with the government. This further enhances my comparision between Gemma and Stahl. Just as Gemma would do anything to protect her family, Stahl is apparently willing to do anything to protect her case and her government standing. She does not seem to care that she has seemingly sealed Opie's death by making it seem as if he has betrayed his brothers in the club. Opie is powerless since he is in custody and held for questioning, and his inability to contact the outside world means that he has no way to reach out to Jax or anyone else to inform them of what is happening.

Tig with Clay
Despite her numerous attempts to have Opie "rat" on SAMCRO, he does not turn on his club during his time spent in holding. As such, Stahl is forced to release Opie. The question at that time is whether or not the damage has been done? Will the club trust Opie's story or look at the evidence that is in front of them that might contradict his spoken word. As Opie returns to the clubhouse, he tells everyone the truth and Jax embraces him, clearly believing his friend. Tig is still skeptical and believes that Opie is a "rat" and Clay agrees with him, asking Tig to "take care of it and keep it away from the club." It is now clear that Clay has given his blessing to have Opie murdered.

Clay and Gemma
Clay's decision shows one of the reasons why he and Gemma have a perfect relationship. I've detailed the comparison between Gemma and Stahl, but now Clay has thrown himself into that mix by agreeing to have Opie murdered. Gemma protects her family, Stahl protects her cases and Clay protects his club. He has made a decision on his own that would be scolded by the club if they found out he had agreed to have a brother killed without a "club vote." Clay is doing what he feels is in the best interest of the club, but that is not how SAMCRO works as a brotherhood. His inability to trust Opie- his Vice President's best friend and the son
of another founding member of SAMCRO- also speaks to his paranoia about protecting the club and his place at the head of the table. As I mentioned earlier, the seams appear to be unraveling on this tight knit brotherhood, especially when the President has issued a death warrant for another member. The question is-- will it get carried out? And if not, what will the fallback be (if any) on Clay?

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