Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sons of Anarchy: The Video Game?

I want to take a short hiatus from blogging about Season One to focus on other aspects of Sons of Anarchy that exist in popular culture. With a new season on the way, Sons of Anarchy has long been a presence in the clothing industry with various lines of Sons of Anarchy Apparel. However, one article that I read from late last year broaches the idea that Sons of Anarchy could infiltrate another popular market: video games. According to this article , Kurt Sutter is attempting to partner with Rockstar Games to create and produce the video games. To be frank, the tone of the article is not positive and it does not appear likely that a game will hit the market any time soon (if one does hit the market at all). However, the concept of a Sons of Anarchy video game is intriguing, especially considering  that Rockstar is famous for edgy and crime-laden games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. I believe that Rockstar's notoriety in the video game field and the Sons of Anarchy brand has an opportunity to be successful partnership. Imagine seeing Jax like this:  

The concept of turning movies or television shows into video games certainly isn't unique. Check out this list of television shows that were adapted into video games. It is certainly a comprehensive list, and some were more successful than others with the transition. I know this is a Sons of Anarchy blog so there likely will be some bias, but what do you think about a possible Sons of Anarchy video game? What are some roadblocks or concerns that you could envision? 


  1. Television shows and movies these days almost seem to franchise off their success. Themed clothing, videogames, toys, music, books, book covers, backpacks, office supposals, snacks, etc. all seem to be ways the film (movie/TV) industry finds ways to capitalize beyond the original “product.” If done correctly (made and marketed), I don’t see why a Sons of Anarchy videogame couldn’t be a success.

    1. I agree, Justin. Especially considering how less popular shows/movies have went on to have successful video games in their likeness. For me, its all about having the right video game producer to encapsulate the SoA franchise. Based on the show, Rockstar seems like the only company that could do the series justice in a transformation from TV show to video game.

  2. If they are successful at making a game of the SOA I would be one of the first to buy it. I am just sad to hear that there will be only 7 season's and now we are in Sept going to start with the 6th season with Clay and Tara going to prison. Gemma is a two-face bitch. I hope to see justice done by sending her to prison. Jax is going to be making changes, They have lost in my opinion half of their club already wonder who is next to be killed. I wonder how the Sutter will end the series and I hope not with a cliff hanger. He has done a great job writing this show I would like to have seen a lot more of Otto in the show. I will be watching repeats or when they have season 5-7 on dvd I will be buying it as well I love this show.

  3. Hi harleybabe and welcome to the blog! I agree with you that there are certainly some cliffhangers for the upcoming season, and I look forward to writing about them. Hopefully they can get the ball rolling with a SoA video game. I think if they can make it similar to Red Dead Redemption (only instead of horses there are harleys) that it could have some real potential!

  4. we want pc game sons of anarchy!!!

  5. I think its a great idea and i think the game would do well and be endless amounts of fun if made correctly. stay accurate to the show. Although i believe they should wait till the 6th season is done and then make the game so you can play right through all the seasons. that way your able to follow the story lines and even how the characters change. look at the difference in jax from season 1 to how he is in season 5 &.6 or how tara goes from goody innocent doctor, girlfriend of a biker in season 1 to a bad ass old lady in season 5. Myself and lots of other people i know would buy this game in a heartbeat.

  6. Rockstar would be a fantastic choice as they did make grand theft auto 4 standalone game the lost and damned which perfectly captured the characters and setting aswell as story and the bikes themselves.